Kairos VR

Hands On Skills Training Through Virtual Reality

About Kairos

Kairos VR is a curriculum based immersive virtual reality company, we provide a one of a kind skill learning platform. Our constructive virtual learning environments will allow students to adapt real-life skills like circuitry, machinery, EMT, and nursing. Going virtual cuts costs, allows risk free learning, and increases engagement through an interactive learning environment.

Increasing Student Engagment With Cutting Edge Technology

Increasing Engagment thru a state-of-the-art immersive experience. We see our program as a platform for positive impact in communities by offering accessible specialized education.

Our constructive virtual learning environment will enable students to adapt real life skills like circuitry, machinery, EMT, and nursing preparing them with valuable experience.

Giving students a truly unique learning experience will increase engagement, aid students retention of knowledge, and illustrate the relevance of many concepts in an immersive enviroment.

The Kairos Team

Rohit Nair

Chief Executive Officer

John Yoo

Chief Operating Officer

Sadmann Sarker

Chief Marketing Officer

Mubeen Hyder

Chief Technology Officer

Rushwell Dzvetero

Software Engineer

Tommy Do

Curriculum Advisor

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